Wedding Manager, Music Library Manager, Karaoke and Party Host.

Joe Autuoro

Joe Autuoro was recruited to the FM family back in 2010 for his microphone personality and vocal ability, and quickly put to work as a karaoke host in dozens of venues all over CT.  His background included performing in the local musical theatre circuit for almost 10 years, where he developed the skills that go hand-in-hand with DJing/MCing weddings & private parties.  He continues to be an avid (and impressive) singer, and currently hosts karaoke every week at Chez Est in Hartford.

As of 2023, he has well over 1,000 DJ gigs under his belt, including 850+ karaoke shows and 150+ weddings, and has been recognized for his professionalism, energy, and musical intuition.  He is one of FM’s top wedding DJ’s, and a trainer for FM’s amazing wedding team.

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