Wedding DJ, Private/Corporate Functions, Kids Parties, Karaoke Host

Cody Riggers

My name is Cody Riggers. I grew up in Idaho and moved to CT in 2013. I joined FM Productions in 2019 after a decade of higher education administration work. I took off as a karaoke DJ and quickly branched out as a private party DJ. I now serve on the wedding team as a versatile MC/DJ. Fun fact: I adore themed parties. If requested, I find it exhilarating to dress the part and add some pizazz to the party!

Quite simply, FM DJs are gamechangers! We bring the energy and set the atmosphere to be lively. We communicate well so that things work out for our clients. In our consults, we will ensure everyone is on the same page so that we can get to work. We take the project management off your plate so you can experience the event and not worry about the details. FM DJs are charismatic and excited to do this work. I guarantee that you will get a DJ who is present, lively and especially innovative. A lot of people love us because we are affordable, but even better, we care so much about our people and are committed to having a great time with you. We are passionate about this work. Book Us! You won't regret it!

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