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Barb (ZigZag) & Mark (Paradox)

Barb (ZigZag) & Mark (Paradox)

My name is Barb and I have been a fan of entertaining for as long as I can remember. One of my childhood dreams was to be a DJ and with FM Productions, I have made that dream become a reality.

In 2018, I met Mark at a local karaoke show & we have been together ever since. Mark is classically trained in opera, and worked as a DJ in South Carolina before coming back up to Connecticut. Music and karaoke have been a staple in our relationship. (He even proposed at one of our karaoke shows!) We joined FM Productions in 2022 & have had a blast entertaining the greater Danbury area!

We work most shows together, but we also work independently as needed. So regardless if you get one of us or both, we will ensure you will be entertained! Come check out one of our weekly karaoke shows to see what the Zig Zag Paradox Experience is all about.

Weekly you can find us hosting karaoke & music bingo shows in the greater Danbury area. We are also available for private parties, events, and even weddings!

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