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Reception Only Package Hourly Rate


This is our One DJ Package and includes the reception portion and in many cases the cocktail due to the need for a second set of equipment this does not include the ceremony. One of our talented DJs will play the role of both your DJ and MC. You will get all of your special events in this package including introductions, cake cutting, parents dances, and of course your first dance. 

Ceremony and Reception Package


This is a four hour package with the option of adding extra time. This package includes everything in the hourly package, but with this package we can rotate equipment from your ceremony to your cocktail, and then reception. There will be both a DJ and MC, with two full sets of equipment onsite for smoother transitions and backup. You will also have the option of full introductions and cross fading for each group being introduced. $190.00 each additional hour past the original 4 hours.



FM Productions has some of the best musicians in the industry. Our options include a classical guitarist for the ceremony or cocktail hour. A pianist for The Ceremony or Cocktail Hour, or a jazz guitarist for your cocktail hour. 

Photo Booth


All of the FM Productions Photo Booths are among the best in the industry. They all have the option of having images sent directly to participants devices. Other options include Gif and Boomerang settings. We can provide prints for you and your guests that include your name or the name of the event along with the date at the bottom of each print. 



The most popular color is lavender. If you have seen these decor lights, you know they can completely change a room. Click on our Uplights section to see photos of the lights. 



With over 30 weekly events, we have one of the best karaoke libraries in the industry. 

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